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I first started working with clay many years ago as a potter in Boulder. My life took a path away from the potters' wheel and when I returned to clay it was at the Art Students League in Denver. There I began learning the techniques of hand-building in a series of classes and workshops with Peter Durst, Barry Rose, Janey Skeer, Caroline Douglas, Debra Fritts, and John Balistreri. I have exhibited in Denver at Niza Knoll Gallery, Redline Gallery, The Art Students League, and the Durst Gallery.

The various stages in the creation of a ceramic sculpture, from the pliable clay through its multiple firings to the last cold finishing, allow me to gradually work towards the final representation of my vision. My hope is that though my pieces are strong, they are not rigid - that the nature of the original clay remains visible and that evidence of my handwork shows in each piece.
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