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Mark Friday takes an additive approach to creating assemblage sculpture, often starting in the middle and working his way out. His materials, mostly wood and metal, are found, scrounged, miscellaneous bits and pieces from the discarded, unwanted leftovers from our mass-produced world.

The challenge is to transform the ordinary into the unique. In the hands and mind of Friday, the resulting creations exhibit a quirky quaintness, sometimes primitive, sometimes more refined, often figurative, or just an intriguing arrangement.

Friday’s methods of attachment are primarily physical, joining parts together with screws, bolts, nails, and only occasionally using adhesives. His works are usually painted or stained and then a final water-based coating is applied to enhance and protect. In addition to the found objects and pigment, Friday incorporates screen printed and collage imagery.

Some of the sculptures are illuminated with small watt LED or incandescent bulbs most often hidden, but sometimes visible. The addition of light adds to the mystery and creates a special dramatic night time experience.

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