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Collection: Aliki McCain

Aliki McCain is a Denver artist. Her background is in photorealism but she has become increasingly interested in the process of abstract expressionism. Aliki enjoys problem-solving as an organic part of the painting process. Art is essential to who she is and how she functions in the world.  For Aliki, the joy in life is in the process of making art. Without art life would be void of human expression. 

Aliki also enjoys teaching at Access Gallery and helping other artists reach their artistic potential. She owned and managed the ArtHaus Gallery in RINO for five years. She obtained her Bachelors of Fine Arts and Bachelors of Art History from University of Irvine. Her work is in private collections and she exhibits her work at Galleries and by invitation. Aliki has curated and juried exhibits in the regional US and participates as a board member for Access Gallery. 

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