The One/Gutty Boxes

The One/Gutty Boxes

Sally Eckert
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The One/Gutty Boxes by Sally Eckert
Giclee, Acylic, Wood
16" x 6" x 6"

I have been a visionary all my life. I have been creating small-scale objects to huge murals to record life's journey, about transformation. A painting can help guide a person to a new place of understanding. I hope for the ability to bring a little joy and a new perspective to the person who passes by my work.

I graduated from Parsons School of Design then latter studied, the Dutch Master's egg tempera technique. Painting is very much a spiritual experience for me. Egg tempera creates a piece that holds the light in a painting. It has the ability to add color and dimension.

The Water Bearer is a symbol of caring for the spirit of the water and the environment. That responsibility carries out into the world. The One/Gutty Boxes talks about equality of race and gender. A Black woman, White man, Latino man, and Asian woman, move their body, head, and feet to show we are just one people. The Weeping Wall is from Zion park. She cries tears of compassion for the land.

Purchased works can be picked up at the gallery after the end of the exhibit on October 31, 2020.