Social Distancing: illust. "Anti-Vaxer's Regret"

Social Distancing: illust. "Anti-Vaxer's Regret"

Mark Evans
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Social Distancing: illust. "Anti-Vaxer's Regret" by Mark Evans
Mixed Media - Pyro-Etched taskboard, gouache, ink, China Marker, graphite
12" x 14" x .5"

As shelter-in-place hit, mid-March, I confronted how my practice would reflect this time. The repetitious image of 'Zoom' screens (the grid of faces), became my initial framework. Abstracting subjects (gleaned from the nightly 'sad news' on CNN), I built imagery - using 'pyro-etching' (drawing, etching, burning, branding, discoloring taskboard with Propane superheated metal objects - old dental tools, forks, railroad nails, threaded bolts, etc.).

Ink, gouache, matte and clear leveling gel mediums, graphite, china marker, etc were then applied. I titled the works (several dozen) as if they were pages from a government public works document - similar to depression era. The irony, of course, is our current administration would never consider the value of this sort of valuable project.

The works are presented as objects (no formal frame). They invite the viewer to come closer, find the play in line and color... and consider a different way we might view our changed world.

Purchased works can be picked up at the gallery after the end of the exhibit on October 31, 2020.