Kadosh Two

Kadosh Two

Ellen Beller
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Kadosh Two by Ellen Beller
2.75 Inches 9 Inches 2.25 Inches

Clear glass with powdered glass silkscreen and fired Craft

Holy S*&T and sending thoughts and prayers pretty much sums up this year.
But, offering prayer is not enough.

We are challenged by an overwhelming number of issues. Now more than ever it is critical to creating the kind of society we wish to bequeath to the generations that come after us.

And while my religion repeats a well-known verse in Jewish liturgy, Holy, Holy, Holy or " - " - " - , recited three times each weekday morning. It is Tikkun Olam, a word that means to improve or repair the world that sums up what is required of us. It is our job to repair the world through our actions not just to pray about it. Evoking holy crap, holy Moses, holy moly is perfectly fine as long as one takes actions to change the world.

My work presents many layers with the Hebrew word " - (Kadosh) holy is silk-screened on the pieces. Some places on the fused glass are transparent and others are not so easy to see. Reflective of not seeing the future and only know what is apparent now.

Purchased works can be picked up at the gallery after the end of the exhibit on October 31, 2020.