It Hurts

It Hurts

Susan Hershman
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It Hurts by Susan Hershman
Sculpture - Cardboard, artificial flowers and wax
17 Inches x 23.5 Inches x 18 Inches

When it all gets to be to much and the pressure overwhelms us somethings got to give. In this piece all the pain comes spilling out for the world to see.

I am currently working as an independent artist whose main focus is sculpture. The sculptural works I create usually focus on one overarching idea that I work through over a span of several separate pieces. I am currently working on a series I have entitled: Mental Health: A Journey of Recovery. This series depicts the feelings and everyday reality of living with and recovering from mental illness. The piece "It Hurts" is a representation of the feelings many are struggling with during this uncertain time. The feelings of anxiety, pain and stress that are held in until they can not be held in anymore and come spilling out.

I hope that my work speaks to people, that it helps them feel less alone. Mental illness affects nearly everyone. Many of us are struggling with our own illnesses or know someone who is. I also hope that my work sparks a conversation about mental illness and sheds light on a subject that can at times be viewed as taboo to talk about.

Purchased works can be picked up at the gallery after the end of the exhibit on October 31, 2020.