Cat on an A.I Pool Table (A.I. Generated)

Cat on an A.I Pool Table (A.I. Generated)

Topher Straus
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32" x 32" 
AI prompts using Midjourney, AI Generative Fill using Adobe Photoshop, Digital Human hand painted, sublimated onto Aluminum 


Embracing the Evolution: The Intersection of AI and Art in Topher Straus' Work By Topher Straus and Chat GPT "ART won’t die, but it will (and always) evolves to life." These words encapsulate the essence of my artistic journey, where I find myself deeply intrigued by the possibilities that Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings to the realm of creativity. My fascination with AI led me to pen a poem, a poetic dialogue between AI and myself, exploring the potentials and limitations of this new artistic frontier. This poem resonated so deeply with me that I integrated it directly into my latest body of work, blending human expression with machine innovation.

AI: Anything you can do I can do better.
Topher: No you can’t.
AI: Yes, I can.
Topher: No you can’t
AI: Yes, I can. Prompt me.

Recently, I participated in a two-person show at The Knoll Gallery, alongside the talented Howard Harris, titled "The Masters." Our aim was to pay homage to the great masters, unveiling a stunning collection of work that regrettably opened during the pandemic, leaving it unseen by many. Among the pieces I contributed was "Cat on A Pool Table," a surreal tribute to Henri Matisse. I was enamored by the piece's cool and dreamlike qualities, making it the perfect inspiration for my exploration into AI-generated art.

To embark on this AI endeavor, I immersed myself in understanding the technology and discovering the appropriate tools. Midjourney proved to be the ideal application to lay the groundwork for my project. With AI, the process involves providing "prompts" in words to describe the desired visual outcome. After days of experimentation, I settled on the following prompt: "Imagine a surrealist collage of a bright pink hairless cat laying on top of a bright orange pool table. Behind the cat is a large picture window with a single giant daisy flower filling the window frame. Bright, happy Matisse-inspired colors all around, an 8k, realistic, detailed, intricate.”

The AI's response was close to my vision, but I felt the need to refine it further. Utilizing a beta version of Adobe Photoshop, I explored the capabilities of Generative AI, a technology that enables AI to generate elements autonomously. It encompasses algorithms that predict outcomes and those that autonomously write articles and paint pictures based on provided prompts.

With Generative AI, I added an extra layer of complexity to the painting. "Ocean water" found its way onto the pool table, a "Japanese-inspired sky" appeared in a section of the window frame, and a whimsical "fried egg" manifested within the flower's bud. This fusion of human creativity and AI-generated elements led to a mesmerizing composition, blurring the boundaries between human and machine-made art.

However, even with the fascinating results of this experiment, I firmly believe that AI will not overpower artists. Instead, I see AI in all its forms as analogous to the invention of electricity. Just as electricity transformed the world and enabled new possibilities, AI has the potential to revolutionize the artistic process. Yet, I liken the impact of AI art to the iPhone's introduction, which unleashed a wave of amateur photographers. In this sea of emerging artists, the professionals still stood out with their distinct vision and skill.

In conclusion, my exploration of AI in art is an ode to innovation and a celebration of human ingenuity. The collaborative dance between human expression and AI-generated elements in "Cat on An AI Pool Table" exemplifies the beauty of blending tradition with cutting-edge technology. As I continue my artistic journey, I embrace the ever-evolving landscape of art, confident that AI will serve as a tool to amplify our creativity rather than eclipse it. With gratitude and a sense of wonder, I bid you all ALOHA.




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