Artwork for a restaurant

Artwork for a restaurant

Carrie Shiffrin
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Watercolor and ink on paper
28" x 22" x 1" (framed)

I often use Midjourney to help spark ideas for my paintings. I am drawn to it as a source of inspiration and a commentary on contemporary life. I’m fascinated by its ability to understand elements of the human experience quite well while remaining forever disconnected from it. This disconnect highlights what makes us human. For example, I’d heard that AI could not figure out how humans eat spaghetti. This inspired me to use spaghetti in prompts that lead to “Ouroboros” and “Artwork for a Restaurant”. For “Swiping”, I added the spaghetti myself, taking inspiration from what I’d seen AI do with it. Yes, AI is being trained on the hard work of artists, but then again so am I. No ideas materialize out of thin air.
Artwork for a Restaurant: A painting of babies in the sky eating spaghetti


LOCAL PICK UP: Works can be purchased online or in person and picked up from the gallery after the close of the exhibition on August 11, 2024.

SHIPPING: If you are not local to Denver and would like to purchase a piece for shipping to your location, please contact before purchase with the name of the artwork you are interested in, so she can provide a quote for packing and shipping.