Gone to the Dogs (with friends) Juried Show

Colorado is full of dogs. On any given day, every shape, size, and breed of canine can be seen happily strutting, strolling or running with their humans on trails, parks, and sidewalks. During the pandemic lockdown, dogs and their cohorts became even more essential to their humans as vital companions and co-workers who relied on them for companionship and entertainment. During this time Niza Knoll Gallery launched their popular Gone to the Dogs call for entries by inviting local artist to submit work depicting dogs and, in a fresh twist, welcomed other animals and humans to be in the works as well.  

The following artists were juried into this show: Courtney Cotton, Michele Sires-DeLorean, Howard Harris, Lori Dresner, Cara Luneau, Audrey Breed, Sam Louras, Heidi Ochis, Gayle Nichols, Susan Bell, Gina Smith, Randy Raak, Larry Goodwin, Brenda Jones, Andrea Mallen, Jody Rigsby, Judy Vassar and Susie Levin.

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