Exhibit: Nancy Enyart & Aliki McCain

Abstract painter Aliki McCain and clay artist Nancy Enyart pair up for a show running May 14th through June 19th, 2021 at 915 Santa Fe Drive. There will not be an opening reception, however the public is welcome to visit the gallery Friday and Saturdays, 1-5 pm; Sundays, 1-4 pm, except Sunday, May 30th, 11-3 pm for Sundays on Santa Fe; and First Friday June 4th, 4-8 pm. Masks and social distancing required. Work is also available to view and purchase online at www.nizaknollgallery.com.

Nancy Enyart’s creation of a ceramic sculpture is a process in which she gradually brings her vision to fruition with each stage—from the pliable clay, through its multiple firings, to the last cold finishing—serves an important role in coming to the final representation. She feels her pieces are strong but not rigid. Her goal is to have the nature of the original clay remain visible in each piece along with the evidence of her handwork.

Denver Artist Aliki McCain believes that the complexity of being human is reflected in the expression of creativity. Creativity is not stagnant and neither are we—constantly learning, growing, and adapting to our environment. Rather, she subscribes to the idea that one needs to respond to their ever-changing inner voice of creative expression rather than being held to one “artistic voice”. Over the past year while adapting to the COVID lockdown she found refuge in the act of creating her art, often finding herself lost in the creative moment, or in a state of “flow”. This body of work reflects on the pieces of art she created while in this frame of mine. They are a portion of her expression which helps create part of a whole and complex  artistic voice.

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