We Met Online

We Met Online

Sam Smith
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20" x 16" x 2"

My collage work explores the outsourcing of reality, intelligence, and our love lives to robot overloads hell-bent on replacing the complex, nuanced experience of life with mindless, emotion-numbing distractions and another A.I., artificial intimacy.  An epidemic of sadness and loneliness is gripping western society as technological hypnosis, monetization, surveillance and enslavement settle in for the long haul. It reminds me of the artificially-flavored fruit drinks containing 0% juice we drank by the gallon as kids. Tasty, sure; but good for us? Maybe not so much. 

AI not used. I was inspired by the mainstreaming of AI girlfriends that proliferate the internet and watching the Twilight Zone marathon as a kid.

Computer Date & We Met Online are magazine cut outs inspired by the wonders of cyberspace. I Luv You is based on a painting of mine Photoshopped, text from candy hearts we loved getting in our Valentine boxes in elementary school, when life was simple and love was real.


LOCAL PICK UP: Works can be purchased online or in person and picked up from the gallery after the close of the exhibition on August 11, 2024.

SHIPPING: If you are not local to Denver and would like to purchase a piece for shipping to your location, please contact nizak@mac.com before purchase with the name of the artwork you are interested in, so she can provide a quote for packing and shipping.